Cost Estimating

A crucial element of every construction and architectural project is the budget. Our cost estimating services are fundamental during the planning and design phases. MK provides accurate and reliable opinions of probable cost based on more than 40 years of expert experience in the construction industry, a proprietary and extensive cost database, and our knowledge of building programs. We collaborate with your design team to fully integrate our services to create efficient design solutions. Thorough analysis identifies potential cost overruns while protecting your project budget and schedule.

Our Unique Approach

Our firm actively participates in the design phase and fosters a collaborative environment to integrate cost and schedule while developing construction documents. We are proactive in providing cost data to the team to facilitate informed decisions that will lead to a successful project. As part of our estimating process, we provide opinions on the cost of various materials, assemblies, and details at any stage of the design. As the design progresses, we will identify the costs included, discuss cost impacts and cost drivers, and make recommendations regarding cost savings as needed.

Carroll County Public Schools Career & Technology Center

CCCTC’s site design juggled a number of competing interests – construction phasing, vehicular circulation, and stormwater management. MK created a design that balances all these requirements and more.

Image Credit: HCM


Baltimore City Recreation & Parks Middle Branch
Fitness & Wellness Center

Community is at the heart of the Middle Branch Fitness and Wellness Center, creating a multi-purpose building and a recreation hub, a place of nature and activity.


Frederick County Public Schools Blue Heron Elementary School

A new elementary school in Frederick County was created in response to growing population and development in the County. This school required extensive coordination with the developer of the adjacent community.

Image Credit: GWWO


Baltimore County Public Schools Northeast Elementary School No. 2

This new school created an environment which mirrored its original greenfields site. Using submerged gravel wetlands, colorful landscaping, and a bridged swale, MK’s site design integrated existing natural features.