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Provide meaningful design solutions to inspire people and build stronger communities for future generations.

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Support our clients’ vision from concept to completion with the power of effortless collaboration and innovative design solutions.


Our core managing principles serve as the foundation for building stronger communities built with design integrity to support our clients’ vision. Through trusted partnerships, applied expertise, and constructable design, we achieve a vibrant user experience for generations to come.

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Trusted Partnerships

Working together toward common goals, we are thorough, responsive, and in it for the long term.

We recognize that the environment – the open space, the landscape, the unseen infrastructure – is as vital to a vibrant user experience as the buildings.

MK acts as an integrated and integral partner in the design of functional, creative, and accessible projects. Our plans balance the regulatory requirements and the design intent. Diligent coordination ensures complete and accurate designs and an expedient permitting process

Applied Expertise

We listen, explore, educate, and advocate for our clients sharing our deep knowledge and experience to think through and solve complex problems.

MK thoroughly studies the existing conditions, permitting requirements, precedents, and guidance for development before design begins. A strong foundation with proper research and appropriate assumptions prevents redesign and delays.

We work with regulatory agencies to enhance the utility of our designs – reviewing white papers, collaborating with manufacturers, and implementing successful strategies to create solutions-oriented site plans.

MK is conscious that our engineering shapes the land for a generation or even longer. We consider the maintenance of sites and durability of materials alongside aesthetics and function.

Our expertise in planning, land use, zoning, and urban development allow for a clearer understanding of project requirements and the ability to perform tasks simultaneously, accelerating project development.

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Constructable Design

Design with construction in mind to meet client and municipalities needs with cost effective and innovative engineering solutions.

Our engineering designs are aligned with client goals and user experience, as well as being efficiently constructible and easy to maintain. Our staff is trained to think beyond the calculations and software, to really consider the impacts of a project once built.

MK incorporates some flexibility into site elements (utilities, slopes, etc.) to allow for some tolerance during construction. The contractor building the work can make slight adjustments if a concrete pour is a little off or an invert for a manhole connection gets set a little high. If a design is calculated to the minimum- and maximum-allowed tolerances, there is little room for error in the field. In those instances, adjustments, that may result from an unforeseen condition or minor contracting error, require change orders and additional time and money. By incorporating this flexibility and reviewing our designs for constructability during our QA/QC process, we are reducing the possibility that something built would need to be removed and replaced.