Civil Engineering

MK provides thoughtful and thorough site engineering services. We do extensive research on the property and its zoning, environmental impacts (flood plains, forest conservation, natural resources), traffic patterns, and utilities. Our staff proactively manages the site/civil design process, looking ahead for design impacts and opportunities.

We navigate the hurdles of reviewing agencies by identifying their concerns early and addressing them from the very beginning. Well-versed in the recent local stormwater management regulations, MK is skilled in designing beautiful sites aware of ease of use and maintenance as well as the requirements of emergency access, drainage, and reforestation. We are also adept at managing consultants to provide surveying, geotechnical, utility, traffic, and environmental services.

MK’s commitment and detail-oriented approach to the success of each and every project creates educational facilities, healthcare campuses, and parks and recreation projects which become a benefit to the community.

Our Unique Approach

Our civil engineers are integral partners in the design of functional, creative, and accessible projects. We deliver site designs that balance the regulatory requirements and the design intent to achieve the Architect’s vision. By proactively researching the zoning, utilities, and environmental impacts, our specific expertise lays the foundation for a successful design and permitting process.

MK takes pride in our ability to work with the building design team, the owner, and the contractor performing the work to resolve any unforeseen conditions that may arise during construction. The same engineering team who developed the project maintains responsibility through construction to ensure the integrity of the design.


Baltimore County Public Schools Northeast Elementary School No. 2

This new school created an environment which mirrored its original greenfields site. Using submerged gravel wetlands, colorful landscaping, and a bridged swale, MK’s site design integrated existing natural features.


Frederick County Public Schools Blue Heron Elementary School

A new elementary school in Frederick County was created in response to growing population and development in the County. This school required extensive coordination with the developer of the adjacent community.

Image Credit: GWWO


Mother Seton Academy Mother Seton Academy Gymnasium

By thoughtfully designing and programming a tiny lot, the Mother Seton Academy gained a learning garden, pocket park, and outdoor classroom for their middle school students.


Arundel Community Development Services (ACDS) Severn Center

The Severn Center is a project 20 years in the making, a multi-purpose center created for children, youth, families, seniors – a place of community involvement and impact.

Image Credit: Murphy & Dittenhafer